We help leaders and organizations make difficult changes to achieve their most important goals. Our work with clients provides an expeditious route to change, on a deep level, for transformational growth and sustainability.

Using the acclaimed Immunity to Change (ITC) approach to achieve individual or collective goals, we help clients quickly surface their hidden barriers to change, competing commitments preventing change and the underlying beliefs holding the counter-productive system in place. Clients identify and outgrow unproductive thoughts and assumptions, discovering new perspectives and making way for sustainable change, even where previous attempts have been unsuccessful.

Immunity to Change is an evidence-based approach, founded in adult development theory and developed by Robert Kegan, Ph.D. and Lisa Lahey Ed.D. of Harvard University, known across industries as a highly effective method to get at the root of deeply held beliefs that serve a purpose but prevent change. Clients become less reactive, more innovative and have a greater ability to see and hold multiple perspectives for increased effectiveness in more challenging and complex environments.

We work with individuals, teams and organizations.

The door to effective change is unlocked from the inside.
— Chris Argyris

Transcend Barriers. Transform Leadership. Measure Results.