An Expeditious Route to Lasting Change

When people think of change, they don’t often think about how long their new behaviors might last. They simply start acting differently, hoping it will stick, only to find themselves slipping back into old patterns after a month or two. We think there is a better way to achieve lasting change for your most important goals.

What do you need to get better at?


What’s the one thing you could get better at that would make a significant difference in your work or your life? We can help you identify it, work through it, and move past it. Clients often work on goals related to job performance but some clients work on health or other personal goals. The process we use is highly effective and has helped people make impactful changes.

Behavior change is our sweet spot. We'll help you discover what's in the way of that elusive goal, access and activate untapped potential, improve your performance and develop a personalized plan for lasting change -- change that has a cascading effect, enhancing other areas of your life.

We help you go about change in a whole new way.


The approach we most rely on for profound and expedient results is Immunity to Change (ITC). Based in adult development theory and developed by Robert Kegan, Ph.D. and Lisa Lahey Ed.D. of Harvard University. ITC is used across industries as a highly effective method to get at the root of deeply held beliefs that serve a purpose but prevent change. Clients quickly surface hidden beliefs and barriers to change and begin to be able to see and evaluate them, discovering new perspectives, and generating options and choices that were previously unavailable while unknowingly subject to these beliefs.

Our ITC clients become less reactive, more innovative and have a greater ability to see and hold multiple perspectives for greater effectiveness in more challenging and complex environments. They try on new behaviors and approaches to learn about existing blind spots, attitudes and beliefs and how a shift in their current mindset can produce profound results.

We work with individuals, teams and organizations to achieve individual or collective goals. Our approach is customized for every client, using the tools and assessments necessary to quickly get to the heart of the problem and get on track toward success.

Become a better leader. Enhance communication. Improve relationships. What change could you make that would greatly impact your performance? We invite you to explore the possibilities.

We'd like to help you achieve profound results.

A safe-to-fail experiment always works if you have a way to harness the learning.
— Jennifer Garvey-Berger

Transcend Barriers. Transform Capacity. Measure Results.